What is ApiApps ?

The objective of the ApiAppS project is to identify, explore and remove existing scientific obstacles so that general practitioners (GPs) can use a system to be of help in the prescription of mHealth apps/devices adapted to the patient's profile. This system will be interoperable with the information sources used (EMR and medical knowledge databases). Moreover, ApiAppS implementation will take into account the psychosocial context of this prescription (impact on doctor-patient relationship; perceptions, expectations and appropriation of mHealth technologies for both GPs and patients). 

The Decision Support System for the Prescription of mHealth technologies (DSSPmH) will cover various health areas and pathology categories. However, at the end of the project, an experiment on a specific chronic disease will be carried out in order to study prescription, effective use and contribution (effectiveness) of certain mHealth apps. This experimentation will be carried out with panel of users (GPs and patients) 

The ApiApps project aims to provide fine help (using 3 sources of information: mHealth store / medical knowledge databases / EMR) so that the prescription of an mHealth app/device is adapted to the patient's profile and is relevant for the doctor-patient relationship and for the comprehensive care process. 

This project is supported by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), grant ANR-17-CE19-0027.

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The ApiApps project has two fundamental components

  1. ApiAppS SHS investigations: psycho-social, anthropological, usability studies. 
  2. ApiAppS Techno: implementation of a computerized decision support system and interoperability of the 3 sources of information. 


Demo of the system - screencast showing ApiAppS integrated into éO