DMD Santé

« dmd Santé » (DMD) company: has developed an assessment process to certify health related mobile apps and connected devices. Qualified mHealth apps are indexed in a dedicated app store « mHealth Go ». dmd Santé ( is a start-up created in July 2012 by three mobile health experts (two medical doctors and a health informatics engineer), with the aim to increase mHealth trust by identifying appropriate apps and biometric connected devices. 

The explosion of health-related apps and connected devices has brought remarkable therapeutic advances, leading to further possibilities of diagnosis and follow-up. However, there is a growing need for security and confidence toward all these devices. Today, there is no official institution to test or validate mHealth devices and apps that are not medical devices. To meet this expectation and accelerate the diffusion of applications and related connected devices usage in the real care pathways, dmd Santé has created a process to provide sufficient guarantees to the compliance of mHealth apps and connected devices and therefore make them relevant and usable. This assessment methodology ( is the result of a 4-year R&D study and analysing more than 1100 existing health related apps and connected devices. 

dmd Santé is now known by public authorities and is for example solicited by the HAS or European commission to develop mHealth guidelines. 

The ApiAppS project precisely meets the core business of dmd Santé, whose final objective is to provide service in the real patient context. The next objective of dmd Santé is to create device specific assessment criteria based on various use cases defined by patient context. 


Director of Research and Development, MD, PhD
Scientific Industrial partner
MARCHAND Guillaume
Chief of Executive Officer (CEO), MD
Project manager
Other member